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Graduate Recruitment for British American Tobacco Covering Ten Countries

"Hudson started working on graduate recruitment with BAT in 2009. In 2010, Hudson was identified, via the tender process, as the single provider for BAT graduate recruitment in the Eastern European Region which evolved into a graduate recruitment project covering 10 countries.

During this period Hudson consistently demonstrated strong commitment, support and professionalism in recruitment & project management. In terms of quality, Hudson has expertise and experience that meet high standards of BAT recruitment. The feedback received from end markets on the quality of Hudson’s management of the MT selection process are very positive.

Flexibility was one of the most important factors in provider identification for BAT. Hudson has proven their flexibility and openness to meet BAT requirements. They are very proactive if an issue is identified and are always trying to find a solution. Their consultants use their expertise to provide professional advice whenever needed.

In cases where special attention was required, Hudson worked closely with BAT managers to ensure the success rates were improved while demonstrating support and professionalism in recruitment and project management.

Hudson has advanced IT platforms that allow recruitment progress tracking which is especially important while working distantly on the project. Hudson also sends regular reports from its application tracking system providing timely updates on the selection process and the effectiveness of BAT’s attraction activities. Hudson’s project manager gave us detailed interpretations of the report results allowing BAT to see the bigger picture, introduce changes where necessary and prepare for the upcoming selection process.

Hudson’s consultants demonstrated solid management skills while working with the complicated project; the project manager was the main driver for her team and true BAT ambassador to ensure high quality recruitment. Hudson’s consultants are constantly seeking feedback on their performance and the candidates’ they provided. Once received, Hudson always acted on the given feedback to improve the quality of the process.

Hudson is open to introducing changes while working on the project. For example, they volunteered to give candidates feedback after their interviews at BAT where the agency was not involved which also was not part of the contract but Hudson considered it beneficial for the whole process. This practice helped decrease BAT’s workload which was highly appreciated by end markets.

Hudson is a great company and I am sure they will continue to have great new projects."

-Irina Vasilieva
Regional MT Sourcing Executive Eastern Europe

Success Story

InBev needed support from Hudson in the selection of HiPp (high potentials) young graduates: from screening CVs, tests of English, assessment exercises, ability tests, interviewing to providing feedback to candidates.

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