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Employee Lifecycle: Attract

Mutual attraction is the key to talent acquisition

We attract candidates who match the culture of your organization.
We attract candidates who match
the culture of your organization

Talent acquisition is similar to dating. You meet that special someone who shares your interests and values, you spend time getting to know each other and together decide if there’s potential for a long-term relationship. Although Hudson isn’t in the business of romantic matchmaking, we are in the business of relationships. We take a long view of recruitment, talent management and the best way to market your employer brand to qualified candidates.

Trying to attract the most talented professionals in your industry? Hudson’s expert recruiters can help source the best candidates through our specialized recruiting and graduate recruiting services. Our consultants use our industry knowledge and proprietary talent management tools to identify individuals with the right combination of skills and attitudes for your hiring needs.

Assessing your employer brand is another key component to talent acquisition. Understanding public perception of your organization as an employer can help tailor the right recruiting messages. Hudson’s employer branding strategy services can create an employee value proposition that reflects the expectations, culture and benefits of working for your organization.

Success Story

Reckitt Benckiser turns to Hudson to grow its sales force and gain a leading position in the Ukraine market.

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