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Employee Lifecycle: Outplace

Outplacement is the art of successfully managing change

Approach organizational change with sensitivity and solutions
Approach organizational change
with sensitivity and solutions

Changes in the workplace often bring anxiety to your staff. Mergers, acquisitions, management shifts and more all contribute to a dynamic business environment with significant impact on your workforce. When your staffing needs change, you need a strategy to deal with departing employees. The care with which you manage organizational change can make the difference between a smooth or rocky transition.

Hudson’s Outplacement Services are designed to approach organizational change with sensitivity and solutions. Departing employees benefit from practical support and individually tailored career coaching. Respectful transitioning maintains relationships, encourages employees on their new path, protects your organization’s brand and creates an environment of trust for remaining staff.

If managing organizational change is important to you, contact our outplacement services team today.

Success Story

Over the course of five months, Hudson Ukraine’s talent management experts stepped in and screened CVs, administered English language testing, conducted assessment sessions, evaluated competencies and interviewed and provided feedback to candidates.

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