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What can gemstones teach us about making the right hiring decision?

Leverage our proprietary tools for better hiring decisions
Leverage our proprietary tools
for better hiring decisions

All too often, hiring decisions are made by trying to determine which candidate is the diamond in the rough. HR professionals look for an applicant that outshines the rest but is there really a way to differentiate the cubic zirconia from a rare jewel?

Fortunately, Hudson can help you make the right hiring decision. Our expert recruiters and talent management consultants offer services and use screening tools that help us evaluate the candidates you’ve attracted. We can train your internal human resource team on the latest in biographical and competency based interviews, a service developed by our own R&D center. Our Assessment Center Solutions reduce guesswork in hiring decisions by using psychometric tests and simulation exercises to gauge a candidate’s skill set, business attitude and cultural fit. Hudson’s certified Associate Assessors have proven expertise in conducting assessments, competency based interviews and volume recruitment.

When it’s time to make a hiring decision, let Hudson’s talent management practice bring clarity to the process.

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"Monsanto is glad to continue working together with Hudson to create a best practice recruitment solution which will deliver the highest quality specialists within the industry to meet the company’s vision for the future..."

-Jorge Christlieb
North East Area Commercial Lead

-Helen Fomina
Country Lead Monsanto Ukraine

-Oleksiy Rudyk
HR Manager Ukraine/Russia

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