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Biographical Interview & Competency-Based Interview Training

Isn’t it time you got to really know your candidates?

Get better results from your candidate interviews
Get better results from
your candidate interviews

Recruiting is a tough job. Although it is critical to identify candidates with the right skill set, intangible qualities are what really set one person apart from the next. How can you be sure your talent assessment is accurate? Is it clear which candidate will be the best overall fit for your organization?

Hudson specializes in helping internal recruiters make better hiring decisions. Our talent management experts offer biographical interview and competency based interview training to minimize the “what ifs” of hiring. Psychometric tests developed by Hudson’s own R&D team look at candidates holistically, measuring the “Big Five” personality domains: emotional stability, extraversion, openness, altruism and conscientiousness. Using this kind of biographical interview, your internal HR team can confidently assess a candidate’s business attitude and cultural fit without fear of making a hiring mistake.

Need help conducting great interviews? Let us train your internal recruiters on tested, industry leading interview techniques. Competency based interviews go beyond identifying a candidate’s skill set and into the heart of how they accomplish their work. Hudson’s talent management practice will help ensure that your team uses competency based interviews to reveal the top candidates for every position you recruit.


"...Hudson consistently demonstrated strong commitment, support and professionalism in recruitment & project management. In terms of quality, Hudson has expertise and experience that meet high standards of BAT recruitment. ...Hudson is a great company and I am sure they will continue to have great new projects..."

-Irina Vasilieva
Regional MT Sourcing Executive
Eastern Europe
British American Tobacco

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