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The Career Fit Indicator©

How Many of Your Employees Actually Want to Work for Your Firm?

Hire and keep good employees
Hire and keep good employees

We’re all familiar with turnover costs for a manager or supervisor – 1-1.5 times annual salary plus benefits. And a recent study by the Marketing Science Institute shows that employee turnover is a predictor of customer satisfaction levels.

Armed with all the information on why employee loyalty is so important to companies, how is it that we still grapple with keeping good employees?

Meet Hudson’s The Career Fit Indicator©, an assessment tool developed by Hudson R&D that helps companies quickly detect candidates with the personality features, motivational mindset and cultural preferences that match your company. The result: decreased turnover and enhanced productivity.

Benefits of The Career Fit Indicator©

  • Simplified decision-making process via a pass/fail system that compares each candidate’s profile with the ideal profile for your vacancies.
  • Accelerated selection process – the less suitable candidates are scientifically eliminated before you invest the energy in arranging interviews and extensive assessments.
  • Customizable, The Career Fit Indicator© can be modified for specific profiles relevant to your organization.

Hire those who are more likely to stay. Contact Hudson today.


"...Hudson consistently demonstrated strong commitment, support and professionalism in recruitment & project management...Hudson is a great company and I am sure they will continue to have great new projects..."

-Irina Vasilieva
Regional MT Sourcing Executive Eastern Europe
British American Tobacco

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