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When it comes to continuing your HR training, Hudson Academy can certify your success

Management development and training is an important tool for building an effective team and achieving the best business results. Personal experience and expert training of Hudson consultants allow them to share the own knowledge and skills that are the quintessence of their daily practice in the process of personnel assessment and development. This is the mission of Hudson Academy - to transfer the best technology in the field of personnel management, organizational development and facilitating the achievement of the business objectives of companies to management and HR specialists.

With our professional HR consultants at the lectern, Hudson Academy provides critical, ongoing HR training with courses on recruitment and talent management. Every course is designed to share the newest, most innovative developments in HR and how to practically apply these findings to your own HR strategy. Hudson Academy has been successfully operating by our experts in Belgium, Netherlands, Norway and other countries.

As the market leader in Ukraine, we offer specialised one-day training for our clients. Unlike most training programs, our programs are based on innovative research generated by Hudson Research & Development Center (Belgium). You will receive a certificate of participation upon completion of the training.

All the mentioned trainings can be organised in-company and be fully adapted to your organizations' needs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested and want to find out more about these trainings.

We invite you to participate in our next training session, which will take place in September!


Assessment interview in the process of personnel selection is an interview-mix, notably the combination of three types of interviews in one: a biographical interview, competency based interview and motivational interview.


Increase the efficiency of conducting the candidates’ selection interview among HR managers and specialists.


This training contains the following thematic sections:

  • Theory: Principles of interviewing. Types of interview, their advantages and limitations.
  • Theory and practice: Analysis of candidate’s resume and preparation for the interview.
  • Practice: Conducting the biographical interview.
  • Practice: Conducting the competency based interview.
  • Practice: Conducting the motivation interview.
  • Practice: Forming conclusions about the candidate.

TOTAL DURATION OF THE TRAINING – 1,5 working days (12 hours).


The key theoretical and methodological principles of assessment interview in recruitment will be presented to the training participants. However, the main tool for learning and development of such skills is practice. So most of the time the participants will perform special exercises to develop skills in various stages of the interview. Training participants will work both individually and in pairs / threes, and receive individual feedback on their strengths and areas of development in the interview conducting process.


After this training, HR managers and specialist will be able to:

  • Improve the skills of candidate resume’ analyzing
  • Become familiar with the best international practices in interviewing
  • Holding of qualitative interview aimed on studying the candidate’s career history
  • Master the skills of interview based on behavior examples to assess the candidate’s competencies
  • Assess the key factors of individual motivation of the candidate
  • Practice the interviewing skills
  • Learn to combine different types of interviews in one
  • Identify and correct your own individual interviewing style
  • Form the objective, balanced conclusions about the candidate based on the results of interviews and formulate them correctly.
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