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AB InBev Graduate Recruitment Program

Understanding Clients and Candidates

AB InBev has a portfolio of more than 200 brands, including four global brands: Stella Artois®, BRAHMA®, Beck's® and Leffe®. The company employs approximately 77,000 people and runs operations in 32 countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. Several years ago, InBev successfully implemented a training initiative called  ‘Own Your Future - Global Trainee Program’, designed to tap future managers and leaders around the world.

Hudson Services

In October 2006, InBev approached Hudson to expand this successful program in three regions: Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe and China. While multiple countries were involved, Hudson Ukraine focused on conducting the project in two countries – Russia and Ukraine. InBev needed a full suite of talent management services to identify and select the young graduates considered as high potentials. Over the course of five months, Hudson Ukraine’s talent management experts stepped in and screened CVs, administered English language testing, conducted assessment sessions, evaluated competencies and interviewed and provided feedback to candidates.

The final step of the project involved an in-depth, onsite meeting between InBev, 72 finalist candidates and 20 recruitment and talent management consultants from Hudson CEE. In order to draw out the most talented candidates, activities included InBev business games, group discussions, competency based interviews and testimonials. The ultimate test for candidates came in the form of personal introductions to InBev’s zone presidents and vice-presidents. The result? Brilliant candidates from both Ukraine and Russia successfully entered the ‘Own Your Future - Global Trainee Program’. In addition to the winners, several other talented candidates also received job offers from the company.

What Makes Hudson a Leader

Why did InBev approach Hudson?

We think it is because Hudson offers a flexible, scalable and comprehensive approach to recruitment and talent management. Along with our experience and strategic insight, we leverage proprietary talent management tools to screen and assess candidates. We ensure uniformity in the quality and processes used regardless of region - the same assessment tools, methodologies and standards are always applied to guarantee the reliability of all results. We are experts at project management and can coordinate large-scale programs.

Clients also benefit from Hudson’s global footprint. Attracting gifted young people is essential no matter where in the world a business operates. Our international network and expertise allow clients access to the high potentials who will form the backbone of future management. Combining our experienced consultants and unique talent management instruments ensures that Graduate Recruitment is a highly effective and professional process.

Project Snapshot


  • InBev needed support in the selection of HiPp (high potentials) young graduates
  • Diverse products in 32 countries



  • Brilliant candidates from both countries were successfully enrolled into the ‘Own Your Future - Global Trainee Program
  • Several talented candidates also received job offers from the company
  • Hudson evaluated the competencies of more than 180 prescreened candidates
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